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Waterbury traffic

Good evening. I am exhausted. I had a rough commute going to and from work today. The construction they are doing in Waterbury, CT is absolutely awful! To make matters worse, teachers are going back to school this week. My normal commute from Southington to Newtown is about 30-35 minutes in the morning. Sometimes 40-45 on the way home (in the summer). As soon as school starts....God help us all.. my commute turns into an hour to an hour and a half. Even with Waze, it is still a long ride.

What do I do in Waterbury traffic? I guess it depends on the day. Some days I zone out. Some days I talk with my husband, family members or friends. Some days I daydream about my future or things that may be out of my reach. I think about what to make for dinner, and if I need to pick up food at the grocery store. Other days, I listen to music. I recently found my old iPod in my car with 4000 songs on it. That has been keeping me sane in traffic!!

Oh yes. There are also days that I actually read a magazine during stand stills, or browse through Instagram.

Do you deal with Waterbury traffic? If you do, I am so sorry. I guess I will see you there.

Where in the country do you deal with traffic? How long is your commute?

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