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Creative Art Classes

Katie has been facilitating and teaching creative art classes to people of all ages for the last 9 years. Her groups are intended to inspire, learn and create through various art materials. She has specifically worked with children at her old studio located in Southington from 2009-2012.  Below are brief descriptions on each class offered during the year. All supplies are included unless otherwise specified!

Little One's Art

This creative group is designed for younger children ages 5-7. It will foster creative development, improve self confidence, enhance problem solving skills and most importantly artistic expression! Materials we will use include watercolors, acrylic paint, clay, pastels and more!

Creative Art

This group is for children ages 7.5-11. Creative development continues to be explored as well as improving art skills such as drawing and sculpting. Materials we will use include watercolors, acrylic paint, clay, pastels and more!

Expressive Art for Teens

This group is for adolescents that would like to explore their art skills and creative expression. It is also a group that will focus on self-esteem and team building. Various materials we will use include watercolors, acrylic paint, clay, charcoal, pastels, and more.


Art Expression for Adults

Katie offers this group to help adults explore their creative side while trying different art materials and expressing themselves through art. There is no artistic ability necessary in this group!  Different media and projects will be presented during each class.

Special Events/Workshops

On Friday nights, Katie will offer special groups for adults and children. These include one day workshops learning how to paint or draw a specific subject, or a fun themed art party for children. Please refer to Friday's schedule for upcoming events!

More Classes/groups to be offered soon...check back!



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