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Katie Kopcha Claywell, MAAT, BFA

Art Therapy is a type of therapy that encourages self-expression through art, in addition to conversation. The act of painting, drawing, and creating art can be very therapeutic for many individuals. Throughout each therapy session, specific art techniques and goals are developed to assist an individual through personal struggles. The creative process of art-making helps those who are unable to verbalize their feelings, such as a person recovering from a stroke or a person suffering with Alzheimer's disease. Piecing together a story or a theme through art may bring self-awareness and clarity. 


The approach I use is humanistic and person-centered. I like to focus on a person's strengths, rather than weaknesses, and provide support through each life challenge. I like to hold a safe environment that encourages self-discovery and self-expression.  Working in groups or individually, I can help through art therapy and empathic listening.  


Art Therapy and Dementia / Alzheimer's disease


Various clinical research has shown significant changes in mood, memory and cognition in older adults when participating in art therapy. In my own experiences, I have seen firsthand how effective art therapy is for the older adult population, especially those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is my true passion to work with this population and to help those with memory loss while finding the true person within. I like to provide a safe environment, encourage creativity and foster storytelling for individuals who have so much to offer!

 – Katie Kopcha Claywell, Art Therapist and Illustrator

For more information on art therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association website here.

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Alzheimer's / Dementia


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